Living systems are made up of many different types of molecular entities, and accordingly there are different types of networks. One of the most important types of networks exists at the layer of “gene regulation”, which controls what set of genes get expressed at any point in time and space. Our work has focussed primarily on understanding the transcriptional layer of gene regulation.

Research in our group has progressed in three main directions and we are pursuing a number of questions under each major direction:

Gene regulatory network structure and function

  • Integrative inference of GRNs
  • Inferring GRNs from single cell omic datasets
  • Examining GRN dynamics

3D genome organization

  • Can we predict 3D genome organization using 1D signals?

  • How do we characterize 3D genome organization within and across biological contexts?

  • How do we interpret regulatory variation?

Evolution of gene regulation and regulatory networks

  • How do GRNs evolve?
  • How to compare regulatory genomic datasets across species?
  • How does the 3D genome evolve?